October 2015 Newsletter


October 2015 Newsletter – 12th October 2015

This month we have to have an Extraordinary General Meeting before the main business of the evening because things are moving forward in the Harry Sunley Memorial Project. The management of the Gatehouse, when it is made available to the general public, will fall to the Society, so that we shall be doing for the Gatehouse what we are already doing for the ‘Barn’, though at a lower intensity. Both buildings belong to the Town and are, therefore, under the aegis of Warwick District Council. The Society is licensed by the Council to use the ‘Barn’ and make it available to the Public. It is now proposed that the Society be licensed to the Gatehouse in exactly the same way. The further ramifications of this, which are slight, will be explained at the EGM, and a vote will be required to determine whether we are to continue with this important project.

» Last month Dr Sylvia Pinches related very clearly the history of the property and, in particular, the owners: Compton Verney came much more to life for us as a result

» Tonight Elaine Warner, Chairman of Knowle Local History Society, will be speaking to us on “A thousand years of Knowle”, in place of Diane Jones.

» Next month on the 8th of November our speaker will be KHAS member and Chair of the Civic Society, Gordon Cain. This time he will be talking to us about the Cathedral Church of St. Philip in Birmingham. Gordon’s accounts of buildings are always greatly appreciated.

» Contributions to KH2016 would be gratefully received at any time – please contact the Editor. Proposed articles include “Mythbusters” and “For the Record”. The former is, hopefully, self-explanatory; the latter is intended for small matters which have come to the attention of Members of the Society over the years but are not elsewhere recorded. An instance is the information from the finder that an Elizabethan coin and a Henry III coin were found in a garden in Clinton Avenue. Other content welcomed.

» A CD containing every issue of Kenilworth History from 1981 to 2015 (inc) is now available. It  has on it also a file of all the ‘Tables of Content’, six spreadsheets of those contents sorted by date, author, title, and three subject categories, and one continuous file of all the KHs so that it can subjected to a wordsearch from beginning to end – a really valuable resource for any researcher.The Society is charging £5 a CD, which, if you consider that people in the Town have bought over 60 copies of KH2015 alone for £5 from the Bookshop this year, is incredibly good value for money.

Kenilworth History 1981 to 2015
Kenilworth History 1981 to 2015

» Kenilworth Family History Society “A Brief History of the Warwickshire Constabulary 1840s – 2000” by Graham Sutherland. 14th October (tomorrow night) SCC 7.30pm

» The Warwickshire Local History Society  20th October. Mark Booth, “The Manorial Rolls of Warwickshire”. 17th November 2015 Dr Nat Alcock, ‘“On the Road”: Travelling in Warwickshire and beyond before the Railway Age’ 8.00pm, preceded by coffee at 7.30pm, in The Friends’ Meeting House, 39 High Street, Warwick, CV34 4AX

» Kineton Local History Soc. Friday 16 October – “The Sword in Medieval Europe” – Clive Thomas All meetings at 7.30pm at Kineton Village Hall

» Warwickshire Geology: 
21st October: AGM followed by a talk from a visiting speaker (hopefully George Guice-Holloway Award holder, Royal School of Mines, Camborne) All meetings take place at S. Francis’ Church Hall, Warwick Road (Kenilworth main street), Kenilworth CV8 1HL, with coffee at 7pm before a 7.30pm start

» CADAS: 13th October:” Tommy and Dennis (The only lady to fight for Britain in the Great War)” Lecturers: Alex and Paul Thompson. 10th November: “The New Lunt Roman Fort” Lecturer: Paul Thompson All meetings will be held at Friends’ Meeting House, Hill Street, Coventry, at 19:30

» The third edition of A Portrait of Kenilworth Street Names, originally produced by former Secretary, Geoff Hilton, is out, edited now by Robin Leach.

» The second edition of The Story of the Abbey by Sunley & Stevens, first published 20 years ago but now enhanced with discoveries made in the 20 year gap, largely by members of this Society, is now available. Published price is £10, but copies are available to members tonight at £8.

» Miscellaneous guide books to places all over the country and of various dates are available for sale at the back of the room – 5p each, to the Society’s funds.

» We are most grateful to new member Chris Blunt for volunteering the duties of Webmaster. In the past, we have relied on the Webmaster for all the input. It is now intended that a website should include material offered by members of the Society. So, if anyone has a strong view on what should (or should not!) be included, now is the time to say. At present, with the site only in the planning stage, please channel your views through either the Chairman or the Editor (contacts below).

  • Chairman – 01676 532654;
  • Secretary – 01926 858670
  • Treasurer – 01926 852655;
  • Vice Chairman & Editor – 01926 858090

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