January 2020 Newsletter

The Christmas Meeting: Our December meeting was, as always, greatly enjoyed and appreciated by all who could be there. On this occasion we were joined from Kenilworth Castle by “Queen Elizabeth I and her two Ladies in Waiting” who told us all about Elizabethan costume and the importance of the Sumptuary Laws. These stipulated who, according to status, was allowed to wear what colour and what fabric. The two Ladies then dressed their Queen – a complex process involving many different layers! This most interesting and entertaining presentation by our friends from the Castle was of course followed by a veritable Christmas feast – thank you to everyone who contributed.

The Christmas 2019 Meeting

Tonight’s Talk: Don’t forget that tonight’s talk will be the one which was
originally scheduled for last November – Graham Sutherland speaking on ‘The Darker Side of Warwick’ !

The AGM looms …. As you all know, Geoff Whiteman has been our excellent KHAS Secretary for a number of years but unfortunately, due to family commitments, he will reluctantly be standing down from this position as soon as a replacement Secretary can be appointed. If anyone would be willing to join the Committee in this capacity please contact either Geoff or Jan to discuss it. Geoff will be very happy to explain what is involved.
The other existing Officers and Committee members are willing to offer themselves for re-election but, should you wish to nominate anyone else, forms are available this evening and, when completed, should be returned to the Secretary no later than Monday 27th January 2020. The AGM will be followed by a talk,by KHAS member David Morse, entitled ‘St. Paul’s Watch – Defence and Defiance during WW2’. Annual subscriptions will also fall due at this meeting – £10 single or £15 joint membership. Please see our Treasurer to renew/join and receive your complimentary copy of Kenilworth History 2020.


KHAS on Show: The third annual Kenilworth Community In Action
event will take place on Saturday 1st February at the Methodist Church,
Priory Road. Between 1.30pm and 4pm there will be displays
showcasing the activities of many Kenilworth groups, including
KHAS. Additionally, during the course of the afternoon, there will be a
couple of talks and an interactive drama workshop. Entrance is free of
charge – do come along and support KHAS.

Contacts: Chairman – 01676-532654; Secretary – 01926-858670;
Treasurer – 01926-852655; Newsletter Editor – 01926-257250

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