Local History Books – Kenilworth Books

The following list shows local history books which are available to buy from Kenilworth Books, in Talisman Square. The titles and prices were accurate as of March 2018:

Title / Description Author Publ Price ISBN-13ISBN-10
A Walk around Warwick Leofric films £12.99610696086631
Cathedrals David Pepin Shire Publications £8.999780747805977747805970
Postcard from Shakespeare's Avon Keith Turner The History Press£12.999780750948487750948485
Little Book Of Warwickshire Lynne Williams The History Press£9.999780750953726750953721
Great War Britain Coventry Peter Walters The History Press£12.999780750960755750960752
Cotswold Barns Tim Jordan The History Press£17.999780752437408752437402
A Warwickshire Childhood: 'No Cakes for Tea' Eveline A Hughes The History Press£12.999780752451626752451626
Rugby (south) 1923 Alan GodfreyAlan Godfrey Maps£3.009780850547177850547172
Old OS Maps Coventry 1905 Alan GodfreyAlan Godfrey Maps£3.009780850548020850548020
The War Horses: The Tragic Fate of a Million Horses Sacrificed in the First World WarSimon Butler Halsgrove £19.999780857040848857040847
Fairfield Folk Frances Brown Halsgrove £24.999780857041562857041568
The Farmer's Wife: The Life and Work of Women on the Land Butler Halsgrove £19.999780857042194085704219X
Linear Metrological Analysis Harry Sunley The Pleasaunce Press£15.009780902372146902372149
Kenilworth the Story of the Abbey Harry Sunley & Norman StevensThe Pleasaunce Press£10.009780902372160
Birmingham in the First World War J.P. Lethbridge Newgate Press£5.959780951222737
Godiva's Heritage Albert Smith and David FrySimanda Press£4.959780951386736951386735
The Coventry We Have lost Albert Smith and David FrySimanda Press£8.959780951386743951386743
Forgotten Foleshill David Fry and Albert SmithSimanda Press£9.959780951386767095138676X
The Deeds of King Henry V Told by John Strecche Geoffrey M. Hilton GM Hilton £7.509780953692330953692337
Strangest Tours in Britain and the Best Worldwide Strangest Bcooks£7.999780954320218954320212
Strangest Underground Places in Britain and the Best Worldwide Strangest Bcooks£7.999780954320232954320239
Round Tower Churches Jack Sterry Jack Sterry £9.999780954494803954494806
Warwick's Most Famous Son: The Story of Thomas Oken and His CharityPaul BolithoCharity of Thomas Oken and Nicholas Eyffler£7.959780954527600954527607
Chinewrde Tales Avril NeweyAbeon Ltd£8.509780954609450095460945X
Kenilworth and the Great War - A Tribute to the Fallen Susan Tall and Betty SunleyClock Tower Publications£11.959780954868901954868900
Another Country Susan P Woolf Springfield House Press £6.509780955112423955112427
Through the Eyes of a Coventry Child Ann HarrisPalm of your Hand Press £4.959780955115004955115000
Kenilworth People & Places: Volume 1 Robin Leach Rookfield Publications£9.959780955264610955264618
Kenilworth People & Places: Volume 2 Robin Leach Rookfield Publications£9.959780955264627955264626
A Portrait of Kenilworth in Street Names Robin Leach Rookfield Publications£5.009780955264634955264634
The Abbey Fields Robin Leach Rookfield Publications£12.959780955264641955264642
Royal Leamington Spa: Exploring with a Sketchbook Michael JeffsShay Books £12.509780956277312956277314
Warwick Exploring with a Sketchbook Michael JeffsShay Books £10.009780956277329956277322
Coventry Preparatory School: The Legacy of the Reverend Kenelm Swallow MCTrevor Harkin War Memorial Park Publications£8.959780956372741956372740
Making the Most of it Sonia Tudor Brierley Books £7.509780956639608956639607
A farming we will go Sonia Tudor Brierley Books £7.509780956639615956639615
A Strange Time: The Diary and Scrapbooks of Cordelia Leigh 1914-1919 Sheila Lesley Woolf and Christopher John HollandWarwickshire Great War Publications£9.959780957421608957421605
Coventry and Warwickshire 1914-1919: Local Aspects of the Great War: Volume 1Chris HollandWarwickshire Great War Publications£9.959780957421615957421613
A Good Eddication: A History of Chilvers Coton Free SchoolDavid PatersonChilvers Coton Heritage Centre£6.999780992762803992762804
The Castles and Moated Mansions of ShropshireMike Salter Folly Publications; 2nd Revised edition edition£7.959780993187940993187943
Chapel Yard Cottages and Gardens 1780-2015 Rosemary Hill, Kenilworth, WarwickshireVal MillmanDr V.E Millman £6.999780993287107993287107
People & Pubs of Royal Leamington Spa - A Pictorial: Book 1Allan Jennings , Martin Ellis & Tom LewinSydni Books£8.959780993298011099329801X
A Victorian Resting Place for a Growing Industrial City: Coventry's London Road CemetryIan Woolley Pie Historical Press£12.999780993497100
Coventry Through Time Jacqueline CameronAmberley Publishing£14.9997814456015951445601591
Warwick A Short History and GuideChristine M. CluleyAmberley Publishing£12.9997814456027831445602784
Historic Houses & Gardens of Warwick Christine M. Cluley and Jennifer MeirAmberley Publishing£14.9997814456074291445607425
Warwickshire Through Time Jacqueline CameronAmberley Publishing£14.9997814456099591445609959
Secret Coventry David McGroryAmberley Publishing£14.9997814456470981445647095
Coventrys Blitz David McGroryAmberley Publishing£12.9997814456499931445649993
Nuneaton Pubs Peter LeeAmberley Publishing£14.9997814456501111445650118
50 Finds From Warwickshire: Objects From the Portable Antiquities Scheme Angie BoltonAmberley Publishing£14.999781445665146144566514X
Coventry in 50 Buildings David McGroryAmberley Publishing£14.9997814456657881445665786
Historic England: Coventry David McGroryAmberley Publishing£14.9997814456753051445675307
Moods of Warwickshire and Shakespeare Country Van Greaves Devon Books£14.9997818411453031841145300
Shakespeare Country: Warwickshire Robin K. JonesHalsgrove £14.9997818411493251841149322
Old OS Maps Nuneaton 1923 John V. GoughAlan Godfrey Maps£3.0097818415109101841510912
Vale of Evesham and Stratford 1892: One Inch Map 200 Robert BearmanAlan Godfrey Maps£3.009781841511658184151165X
Leamington Spa (South) Barrie TrinderAlan Godfrey Maps£2.2097818415151751841515175
Ouistreham - Pegasus Bridge 1944: D-Day Sheet 40/16 Alan GodfreyAlan Godfrey Maps£2.9597818415162571841516252
S1. Aubin - Sword and Juno Beaches 1944 Alan GodfreyAlan Godfrey Maps£2.9597818415169291841516929
Birmingham and District 1910: One Inch Sheet 168 Bill BooAlan Godfrey Maps£3.0097818415172611841517267
Coventry (North) 1912: Warwickshire Sheet 21.08 Malcolm NixonAlan Godfrey Maps£3.0097818415187251841518727
Coventry (West) 1904- 11: Warwickshire Sheet 21.11Malcolm NixonAlan Godfrey Maps£3.0097818415187321841518735
Coventry (South) 1912: Warwickshire Sheet 21.16Malcolm NixonAlan Godfrey Maps£3.0097818415187491841518743
Coventry, Nuneaton and District 1899: One Inch Sheet 169 Barrie TrinderAlan Godfrey Maps£3.0097818415190501841519057
Memories of the Warwickshire Coalfields David BellCountryside Books£3.9597818467426201846742625
Regency House Styles Trevor YorkeCountryside Books£7.9597818467431081846743109
Edwardian House: Original Features and Fittings Trevor YorkeCountryside Books£5.9597818467431221846743125
Victorian Railway Stations Trevor YorkeCountryside Books£9.9597818467433511846743354
Warwick and Rugby 1897 Barrie TrinderAlan Godfrey Maps£3.5097818478408061847840809
Warwick (North) 1923: Warwickshire Sheet 33.10 Barrie TrinderAlan Godfrey Maps£2.5097818478468601847846866
Warwick (South) 1923: Warwickshire Sheet 33.14Barrie TrinderAlan Godfrey Maps£2.5097818478468771847846874
Kenilworth 1903: Warwickshire Sheet 26.10 Malcolm NixonAlan Godfrey Maps£2.5097818478468911847846890
Coventry 1887: Warwickshire Sheet 21.12a Barrie TrinderAlan Godfrey Maps£3.2597818478472181847847218
West Midland Murders Michael PosnerAmberley Publishing£12.9997818486831431848683146
Royal Leamington Spa Through TimeJacqueline CameronAmberley Publishing£12.999781848685987184868598X
Leamington & Warwick Disappearing Industry Jacqueline CameronAmberley Publishing£12.9997818486860211848686021
Warwick Through Time Jacqueline CameronAmberley Publishing£12.9997818486887421848688741
Stratford Upon Avon Through TimeJacqueline CameronAmberley Publishing£14.9997818486890391848689039
Kenilworth Jacqueline CameronAmberley Publishing£14.9997818486899921848689993
Leeke's Legacy David PatersonMatador£12.9597818487674611848767463
Real Heritage Pubs Of The Midlands Paul AinsworthCampaign for Real Ale£5.9997818524932401852493240
Period House Fixtures and Fittings 1300-1900 Linda HallCountryside Books£12.9997818530674261853067423
English Castles explained Trevor Yorke Countryside Books£7.9597818530681951853068195
Haunted Places of Warwickshire Ruper MatthewsCountryside Books£7.9997818530692531853069256
Byways of Warwickshire Alan TyersBrewin Books£14.9597818585825421858582547
Jewels Of Our City Jean DebneyBrewin Books£14.9597818585848051858584809
A History of the Holbeche Family of Warwickshire and the Holbech Family of Farnborough Laurence InceBrewin Books£14.9597818585848291858584825
People, Pens & Production: In Birmingham's Pen TradeBrian JonesBrewin Books£14.9597818585849421858584949
Birmingham: The Sixties RevisitedAlton Douglas Brewin Books£10.9997818585849801858584981
Out of Birmingham: George Dixon (1820-98), 'Father of Free Education' James Dixon and Asa BriggsBrewin Books£14.959781858585048185858504X
Birmingham in the 70s and 80s Alton Douglas and Jo Douglas Brewin Books£10.9997818585851161858585112
Edgbaston Terry SlaterPhillimore & Co Ltd£15.9997818607721601860772161
Castles and Moated Mansions of Warwickshire Mike SalterFolly Publications£3.0097818717311251871731127
The Old Parish Churches of WarwickshireMike SalterFolly Publications£11.8597818717311321871731135
The Old Parish Churches of Cheshire Mike SalterFolly Publications£5.9597818717312311871731232
The Old Parish Churches of Worcestershire Mike SalterFolly Publications£5.9597818717312481871731240
Old Parish Churches of Cumbria Mike SalterFolly Publications£5.9597818717313541871731356
Old Parish Churches of Cornwall Mike SalterFolly Publications£5.9597818717313781871731372
Castles of Devon and Cornwall Mike SalterFolly Publications£4.9597818717313851871731380
The Old Parish Churches of Devon Mike SalterFolly Publications£12.0097818717313921871731399
The Castles of Sussex Mike SalterFolly Publications£4.9597818717314151871731410
The Castles of Herefordshire and WorcestershireMike SalterFolly Publications£5.9597818717314461871731445
The Old Parish Churches of Shropshire Mike SalterFolly Publications£5.959781871731477187173147X
The Castles of Gloucestershire and Bristol Mike SalterFolly Publications£3.5097818717315451871731542
The old parish churches of GloucestershireMike SalterFolly Publications97818717317981871731798
The Old Parish Churches of Buckinghamshire Mike SalterFolly Publications£7.5097818717318661871731860
Dirty Stop Out's Guide to 1970s Coventry Ruth Cherrington ACM Retro £13.9597819084314171908431415
Educating Kenilworth Leonard UnsworthYouCaxton Publications£6.9997819096445711909644579
Kenilworth Chapter Leonard UnsworthYouCaxton Publications£6.9997819111753391911175335
Kenilworth: Portrait of a Town and CastleJohn Drew & Mark PawlowskiJones-Sands Publishing£19.959790947764288

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