3D Model of Kenilworth Castle – Leicester’s Stables

As we reported recently, for a number of years a KHAS member has been researching and creating a virtual 3D model of Kenilworth Castle as it might have been in 1645. Here is another preview of his model, this time a video time focusing on Leicester’s Stables:


This recreation is based on archaeological survey reports, English Heritage plans and elevations, and the building fabric now standing. However, many details remain unknown or unclear, particularly because the building has been repurposed and also substantially repaired over the years. New brick buttresses were added over a century ago, and more recently it was used as a tea shop and had two fireplaces with chimneys.

3D Model of Leicester's Stables, Kenilworth Castle
3D Model of Leicester’s Stables, Kenilworth Castle

It is still generally accepted that there were two surface drains the length of the building, even though (as shown) every horse would then be partly standing in a drain! – so the drains would have to be covered with gratings. The location and extent of upper level flooring is also unknown, as is whether rain water from the roof was used to augment the adjacent well/cistern, or whether or how the drains ultimately connected to the drain known to run under the Water Tower.

This Leicester’s Stables 3D video, his original Abbey of St Mary 3D model and other KHAS videos can be found here:

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