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Kenilworth History 2022 is taking shape
Kenilworth History 2022 is taking shape. Who is the mystery person in the cover image?

As autumn is just around the corner, we turn our attention to the next edition of our annual publication, Kenilworth History 2022. As you may know, Kenilworth History is made available for free to all KHAS members and is also available for sale to non-members. Last year’s edition was a bumper 100 pages, thanks to the efforts of our contributors during lockdown. As ever, it was a fascinating mix of styles, subject matters and eras, from academic articles to personal histories.

We welcome contributions for Kenilworth History 2022 from members and non-members alike. Do you have a pet subject area you’d like to contribute an article for? If you need some inspiration, take a look at Kenilworth History 2021‘s contents to see the types of subject matter we covered in last year’s edition.

Please contact with any questions or submissions for consideration by the Editor. Remember, the deadline for submitting articles is Christmas 2021.

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