Articles Welcome for Kenilworth History 2023

Kenilworth History 2023
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The temperatures have plummeted to suitably Autumnal levels, so we turn our attention to the next edition of our annual publication, Kenilworth History 2023. As you may know, Kenilworth History is made available for free to all KHAS members and is also available for sale to non-members. Copies are also sent to Kenilworth Library for posterity and to our patron The Lord Kenilworth.

All of the articles in Kenilworth History are penned by volunteers, both by members and non-members alike. Last year’s KHAS 60th Anniversary themed edition was another bumper 100-plus page edition, thanks to the efforts of our wonderful contributors. As ever, it was a fascinating mix of styles, subject matters and eras, from academic articles to personal histories.

So, once again, we welcome contributions for Kenilworth History 2023 from contributors with a passion for local history. Do you have a pet subject area you’d like to contribute an article for? If you need some inspiration, take a look at Kenilworth History 2022‘s contents to see the types of subject matter we covered in last year’s edition.

Alternatively, maybe the following ‘2023 anniversary topics’ might provide a useful writing prompt?

  • 1123 Geoffrey de Clinton appointed Sheriff of Warwickshire.
  • 1173 Henry II garrisons the Castle under Sheriff Bartram de Verdun. Geoffrey de Clinton II dies.
  • 1213 King John sends delegation including Alexander Nequam to enquire about appointment of a new prior, only for Archbishop Langton to be told that the new prior is customarily elected by the Canons. John spends a large sum upgrading the Castle’s defences, then after ex-communication resigns crown to Pope’s envoy at Dover.
  • 1223 Wind-fallen trees to be provided to the Sheriff to repair his lodgings at the Castle. William de Herburbyr leases land in Kenilworth for life.
  • 1233 Sheriff repairs a tower at the Castle.
  • 1483 Richard III spends Christmas and Whitsun at Kenilworth
  • 1523 Pratt & Slouth executed for treason, having planned to kill the Mayor of Coventry, robbed St Mary’s Hall and then go on to take Kenilworth Castle!
  • 1553 John Dudley granted the Castle.
  • 1563 Robert Dudley granted the Castle.
  • 1673 Abbey Bridge destroyed by flood.
  • 1723 William Edwards dies and bequeaths money for charity school.
  • 1753 Earliest excavation at abbey. Earl of Clarendon dies without heir, passed to Thomas Villiers (who became Baron Hyde).
  • 1843 Parliament passes act for the railway. Daysceps Buclandii fossil discovered.
  • 1863 Volunteer fire brigade formed.
  • 1903 Wesleyan chapel opened (now the Priory Theatre).
  • 1923 Chase Wood tile kiln excavated.

Please contact with any questions or submissions for consideration by the Editor. The deadline for submitting articles is Christmas 2022, ideally earlier, if possible.