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Widow’s Charity Houses – Then & Now

Widow’s Charity Houses, High Street
Widow’s Charity Houses, High Street

Widow’s Charity Houses, High Street, founded in 1644, rebuilt 1840s.
To the right of the ‘then’ photo can be seen a single storey, windowless brick building which was demolished much later providing an alleyway through to the 1960s Elmbank Road, as well as the entry to the slaughterhouse behind the butchers owned by John Bausor.
Since the closure of the butchers, the slaughterhouse outbuildings were demolished to make way for the modern Monmouth Close development, built sympathetically in a Victorian style.

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  1. […] This particular image shows the High Street and town looking towards the castle from the north-east, taken in 1949. The ‘now’ image is an equivalent image taken from Google Maps. To orientate yourself, Abbotsford is in the bottom left hand corner and High Street runs diagonally up to the top right hand corner in the direction of the Castle. The fields on the right of the ‘then’ image were built on for Elmbank and Berkeley Roads in the 1960s, with an alleyway running down to join the High Street along the hedge boundary of the Widow’s Charity Almshouses. […]

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