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Malthouse Lane – Then & Now

Malthouse Lane
Malthouse Lane

Malthouse Lane, which was known as Quarry Lane at the time of the 1861 census and then Malthouse Lane by 1874. To the extreme right of the image, behind the Malthouse, now lies the 1960s development including Amherst Road and Berkeley Road, on which lies two wooded hollows which were formerly quarries used during the building of Kenilworth Abbey in the mid-12th century. In the fields to the left of Malthouse Lane now lies De Montfort Road and Grange Avenue, on a site formerly occupied by the castle nurseries.

In the distance, Quarry Cottage at the far end of the lane is sited within a square trough which was once yet another quarry. The modern Quarry Road takes its name from its proximity to this.

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