Articles Wanted for Kenilworth History 2020

What makes Kenilworth History such an enduringly fascinating publication, is the rich variety of articles within. KHAS has been producing an annual Kenilworth History publication since 1981, and regular newsletters stretching back to 1963. And yet there never fails to be more to research, discuss and share.

The Society has a wide range of talented writers from whom articles are drawn. Some are serial contributors, producing content year after year. Some writers are content to submit a one-off article. Some contributors have niche areas of interest or pet subjects, some contributors are generalists. Articles span eras, come in all styles, and range from the spiritual to the vernacular. No two consecutive articles are alike.

KHAS welcomes submissions of material from anyone interested in penning an article for Kenilworth History 2020 and we will consider all such submissions for publication. If you’d like to submit an article, please email [wpml_mailto email=””]the Editor[/wpml_mailto] or contact a committee member at a KHAS meeting to express an interest.

Submissions should be completed early December at the latest. Good luck and let us know if you wish to contribute. Thanks!

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